Best of Today Cover – Printable

There is a wild side within us and we were taught to hide it, to ambush the feelings, to crush the world inside us and build a new one – filled with artificial lights and fake buildings! We forgot that inside us lives the entire Earth with its heavy and dark places, but also the whole Universe with stars that all together, shine brighter than the sun! Tonight, embrace the darkness inside you as no light will find its way in if you don’t acknowledge its absence!


Happy Earth Day!


To celebrate this special day we have created a bundle containng 3 pages that can be used as:
– a cover page or an insert
– a bio page
– and a back cover / insert.


These pages are designed so that  you can print them in the comfort of your home and bring nature just a little bit closer to you in these difficult times.


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Visionboard For 2021

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