Agende Altfel Community

The Agende Altfel Planner is not just a tool to help you organize content, it is your key to success: to becoming a better content creator, to growing your community, to achieving your goals, and to learning how to build your personal brand.

It is such a powerful tool for digital media creators because it offers you the opportunity to become part of an ever-growing, passionate, community of like-minded influencers, copywriters, designers, and all those people that produce the content that keeps the wheels of the internet turning.

This is the heading

The Agende Altfel Planner is not just a tool to help you organize.

This is the heading

The Agende Altfel Planner is not just a tool to help you organize.

This is the heading

The Agende Altfel Planner is not just a tool to help you organize.

This is the heading

The Agende Altfel Planner is not just a tool to help you organize.

By buying the planner, you automatically become part of our community.

All the members in this community share the same core values and goals, so you get the chance to surround yourself with people who will help you grow, guide, and support you and specialists from which you have something to learn.

The most important value is authenticity. Therefore, you will meet here influencers who post only useful, qualitative content. We don’t encourage here the vanity you can achieve on Social Media platforms, but rather create means of improving our skills. 

This is why there is a limited number of planners available, because we are not interested in quantity, but in the quality of our actions. By getting your own planner, you become part of our community and therefore you have access to specialists and resources available here. Our purpose is to grow this community step by step, keeping in mind that improving the quality of our content is the most important thing. This is why you should be among the first ones to buy the planner, because there are only 300 pieces available! 

The benefits of becoming part of our community

They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. How would it be to surround yourself with successful specialists from the domain of activity you enjoy most?

By joining Agende Altfel Community, you benefit from:


Access to training programs from various domains. If you are passionate about copywriting, storytelling, growing a Social Media profile, graphic design, building a personal brand, or any other topic like this, this is the right place to be! You get access to webinars, video courses, and other useful resources to help you in this journey to become a better content creator and to grow your own community.


You make yourself known. The more you dedicate yourself to this project, the better your chances are to be seen by partner companies and to become part of creative projects.


You have access to resources (gigs) you couldn’t access before. Just imagine this: you are passionate about cooking, you share your passion with your community by presenting your favorite recipes. But you would like to have someplace to make professional videos to talk about how certain dishes should be cooked. Well, you might as well find the right place and people in this community!

You basically have access to 2 major features with one single action:

Buying the A.C.T.I.O.N Planner gives you an ideal tool to help you organize and plan your content and at the same time gives you access to numerous experts and specialists with whom you can share ideas. Here you have everything you need to upgrade your game as a content creator.

And these are just the major benefits, but there are more:

rEVOLUTION Media Strategic Partnership

In a constantly growing environment like Social Media, you need to be up-to-date and deliver qualitative content if you want to succeed. Especially because there are so many people who post random things only to get a few likes or to be present because they think it is cool. 

And the downside is that nowadays influencing marketing has become more of a “who has more followers” contest instead of “who has something good to say and is relatable for the public”. 

Our partners from rEVOLUTION Media have years of experience in the international market and know perfectly how to create quality content using all their creativity and keeping in mind the audience’s needs.

Through this partnership, you have access to all their knowledge and know-how based on practice. Moreover, you can even join them in creative projects, if you are willing to take your influencing game to the next level. 

You get to learn not from a man, but from an entire team of specialists who are ready to share with you everything they have learned to help you become better. 

Research shows that associating yourself with individuals that have already experience in our field of interest increases your chances to succeed.

You can also catch the eye of our partners who are constantly on the lookout for new talents. Job and project offers will be constantly floating between members, and if you find something that you believe are suited for, you can apply within the platform, moreover because all will be using the same planner, you can integrate seamlessly into an ongoing project.

Unless you have strong knowledge, modern-day algorithms have made it virtually impossible for a creator to get their message across to a target audience.

Together we can rage against the machines (pun intended) and reclaim our rightful place in the digi-sphere. And our partners from rEVOLUTION Media can help you find the right place for you! 

Make sure you are among the first ones to join our community by buying the planner so that you benefit the most from it!