Get to know us

Agende Altfel
Is A Journey

It started as the journey of discovering myself and it became a journey to help others build their way to success. As an entrepreneur, I struggled with balancing my work with my personal life – a common problem for all of those that freelance or have started their own business. This is how it all began – as a response to the need for balance and productivity!

Writing and organizing things is what I am best at. I play with words and create stories for a living. Creating content or not, for myself or other people, I’m constantly looking for inspiration and, even though I enjoy writing on my laptop or using planner apps on my phone when it comes to writing down and organizing my thoughts, my visions, my plans, I’m old fashioned and I prefer a pen and paper.

We all want to write our own story and make the best out of our lives, but having a vision and working towards it doesn’t take the everyday responsibilities off our shoulders. Within this busy life of ours, it is hard to keep up with daily activities and micromanage them all while also having an intense workload. And since every brick that we lay with every single day that passes builds up to the dream that we have for our future, planning our steps is essential. They say “a goal without a plan is just a dream”, and I strongly believe that! Even though the law of attraction exists, in itself the word “Action” lies hidden.

In an era in which everything is virtual, one needs to regain his/her clarity of mind through being organized, and even though, we have many apps that help us keep tabs on our activities, there is something therapeutic in writing down your thoughts on paper!

Agende Altfel brings the possibility for our clients to personalize their planners in a way that suits their needs. We want to offer you the proper planning instruments and tools that have helped us to achieve our goals and increase the engagement and conversions on our pages, to grow our businesses and to evolve not only as personal brands but, most of all, as human beings.

Our Main Goal

Helping those that reach out to us with staying focused and finding their motivation is the main reason for the way in which we design our products and services. Why? Because we know the struggle and we have learned everything through trial and error.

„Express your natural and authentic voice, while also being responsible for every step you take on your path to success.”

Our success came the moment we started being even more goal-oriented and organized about the way we plan our content and activities. This is something we want to share with you so you can experience it for yourself and benefit from the expertise we have gained over time.